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PLUSH at The Art and Culture Center of Hollywood Curated by Laura Marsh

April 28-June 4, 2017

As Pleasurable, Lush, Utilitarian, Subjects of Humanity, PLUSH is a tactile mindscape. Textiles are inherently connected to the domestic environment. In the U.S., fiber art has often been mislabeled as craft or “women’s work.” However, in many countries, textile is considered men’s labor. Some of the works in this exhibition explore traditional sewing and hand techniques, while others explore non-conventional sculptural methods. The artists included in this conversation explore anthropomorphism, body politics, class, morphing landscapes, multigenerational lineage, and popular culture. This installation encourages viewers to take a seat on artist chairs and view the textiles on the wall as a carnivalesque Pokemon looms from above.

Participating Artists:

Alissa Alfonso, Mora Barber, Tanja Boukal, Jen Clay, John O’Donnell, Aurora Molina, Norma Minkowitz, Valerie Molnar & Matt Spahr, Sophia Narrett, and David Rohn

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