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Political SideShow, Florida Atlantic University. Curators Jane Caputi, AdrienneRose Gionta

"Political Sideshow 2016: From “Bitch” to (Big) “Nuts” and Beyond, is an exhibition presenting election campaign paraphernalia and contemporary artworks examining the current presidential campaign as the “sideshow” to the main electoral event. It samples the vivid, angry, accusatory, often bigoted, vulgar and offensive merchandise and internet images and memes produced in response to the 2016 election. This exhibit does not encompass the entire range of available content, but features those that address social status factors, including race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexuality, age, religion and class, speaking to the ways these issues are at play in the election. The hope is to further ongoing public discussion about engaged citizenship, civil discourse, democratic values, social justice, community amidst differences, and the past, present and future of what is commonly understood as a shared American dream of equality, freedom and prosperity.

featuring a ONE NIGHT ONLY Vento-o-matic interactive performance with Randy Burman at 7pm

Creator and Curator Jane Caputi PhD., Women, Gender and Sexuality

Curator and Designer AdrienneRose Gionta MFA, Visual Arts

Exhibiting Artists: Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung Pip Brant Jamilah Sabur & Veronica Mills Aurora Molina Randy Burman

The exhibition will be on view until December 3rd, 2016

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