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Felt, Sew, Knot, Bound @ Fat Village.

Also debuting in FAT Village on Saturday is "Felt Sew Knot Bound" at the Projects art space (523 NW First Ave.), a group show of works spun from yarn, rope and other textiles curated by Martin Casuso, Peter Symons and Leah Brown. Greeting visitors at the warehouse entrance are Aurora Molina's "Marionettes," nine elderly puppets whose faces are modeled after portraits the Miami artist shot during a residency in Morocco. Kelly Boehmer's intricate "Slip Away" presents a colorful and gruesome bear attack in the forest using yarn, glitter, plastic shopping bags and plush toys.

"It's an incredibly rich and sparkly sculpture depicting this monster scene. It's one big glitter bomb," Symons says. "Her work is so much about beauty and the obscene."

The May FAT Village Art Walk will run 6-10 p.m. Saturday, May 30 in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Call 954-760-5900 or go to

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