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Group Exhibition: Reclaimed Miami, Zadok Gallery

Recycling has taken the forefront in our collective consciousness, from hybrid auto technology, to alternative power sources, to simply using the right bin for discarding our water bottles. At Zadok Gallery, that trend line continues in the work of 10 Miami-based multidisciplinary artists who have adapted their methodology to utilize a variety of nontraditional materials. Reclaimed Miami, on view at Zadok Gallery from May 11th to July 4th, is about imaginatively re-purposing objects all around us that might not strike the average viewer as fodder for fine art. Wielding innovative artistic techniques and strategies that include knitting, embroidery, silk screening, welding, crocheting, gluing, folding, appropriating, and stuffing, the group transforms litter into objects of literal beauty that offer an engaging visual reconciliation of material excess and environmental concern.

Works by:

Troy Abbott

Pablo Cano

Martin Casuso

Ryan Farrell

Lucinda Linderman

Aurora Molina

Jose Pacheco-Silva

Kerry Phillips

Cesar Santalo

Carrie Sieh


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