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Aurora Molina Wow at Bernice Steinbaum Gallery by Carlos Suarez de Jesus

In Steinbaum's Project Rooms, don't miss Aurora Molina's "A Critique of Established Attitudes Towards Aging & Beauty," an attention-grabbing cast of discomfiting dancing dolls crafted from stuffed and embroidered pantyhose. Part soft sculptures, part stitched drawings, her creations explore how the elderly are often ignored in our society. Animated with robotic mechanisms, her cast of characters squawk, jerk spastically, and pitch tantrums to make us feel guilty for short-shrifting senior citizens. To hammer home her views on how South Florida is an elephant graveyard Molina's even created a conceptual tenement straight out of our sunny condo canyon peopled by "tenement terrorists."

AURORA MOLINA Paraphilic Infantilism (detail)edited.JPEG

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