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Aurora Molina’s work, Pip Brant


Bernice Steinbaum, Miami

Aurora Molina

AURORA MOLINA A Critique of Established Attitudes Towards Aging & Beauty September 10th – November 5th, 2011

Bernice Steinbaum Gallery

3550 N. Miami Ave.

Miami, Florida 33127

Aurora Molina is an FIU BFA graduate and is showing at the Bernice Steinbaum gallery. If you missed the opening. remedy this and visit this outstanding body of work. Her materials are old nylons, sewing, sound and motors and wood. The experience is like walking into a world very much like the Brothers Quay animations out of the Czech Republic. The figures are scaled smaller than life, so they have a shrunken-aged character that is reminiscent of dried apple head dolls from an earlier generation’s craft genre.

These pathetic, layered figures are simultaneously grotesque, hilarious as well as piteous. Aurora studied at FIU fibers program and exhibited an outstanding installation at the Frost Museum. She went on to Spain and earned her MFA.

Congratulations Aurora.

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