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"We want to merge the functionality of a piece of clothing with the message of a work of art."

Clothing and textiles are a very important part of our daily lives. Yet we do not think about how the garment was made, who made it or where it was made. Most of the time we do not consider our clothes to be works of art. It is an instrument that we use to regulate body temperature and at times send a conscious or unconscious message to our onlookers.Our interest to explore the marriage between fine art and textile was sparked many years ago. It was augmented in each of our travels, not so much for the specific skills that we were learning in each place, but because of the relationship that each culture had toward their traditional techniques on textile.We want to merge the functionality of a piece of clothing with the message of a work of art. Rather than compete against each other we decided that they should amalgamate into one piece of wearable art.Inspired by a trip to India and Morocco and the many kinds of fibers and colors of the culture we got to know, we decided to merge this experienced into wearable art pieces. This pieces are one of a kind. We used photographs of the trip to inspired the art work on each piece and use the fabrics of each country accordingly. We used a wide variety of fabrics most of them from India and well as the threat form Morocco. The pieces are unique in all kinds of way , from their design to the story they illustrate. They are all embroidery and have many layers and hours of free motion drawing on the sewing machine that extensively illustrate the story of each individual piece.


A collaboravorative wearable art project:

Aurora Molina

Silvia Yapur

Designer by Daniele Di Monte

Photography by Alejandro Taquechel

In progress...  Project funded through Kick Starter.
Fiber Art Couture is a project that is very dear to us. We (Aurora and Natalia) have been working with textiles and fiber like techniques for quite some time. We draw and paint with textiles, thread, dyes and other techniques the like. We have become very interested in rescuing these techniques that are becoming extinct. We have been in contact with artisan communities in each town, Santo Tomas Jalieza specializes in backstrap loom weaving and Santa Ana Segache specializes in hand embroidery. We will come up with the concept and design of the pieces and then work with each community for the final production. Both of these techniques will be used in our next two pieces. Once we are there we will discuss execution and production time. We (Aurora and Natalia) will do the illustration and designs that will be woven and embroidered onto the fabric. After this work is done, then the artisans will hand embroider and weave images into the fabric. The coat will then be finalized in Miami.

Commisioned Work- Family Portraits

Woven Tapestry in coolaboration with artisians in Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca Mex.

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