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Threading Thoughts Initiative are socially engaging workshops in fibers that use mindfulness-based approaches, needle, thread, and art interventions that may alleviate symptoms of general anxiety in people of all ages and gender, rid them of unwanted, intrusive obsessive thoughts, and add to their wellbeing. The repetitiveness of embroidering; the movement of the needle from the back of the fibre to the front side and back again, the recurrent hand motions and focus required is stress reducing and instills a sense of the here-and-now such as in mindfulness. 

Artist Aurora Molina will collaborate with other textile artists and certified mindfulness teachers to lead public workshops and opportunities for participants to beat negative thoughts and thread them on canvas rather than threatening their minds. The well-crafted fiber-arts workshops highlight the importance of social engagement for positive change, participation in group workshops that engage the community, require dedication, patience, and understanding about social and textile traditions. 

Negative and positive thoughts pass through our minds, some remain and some pass by just like the thread through the needle. TTI fiber arts interventions and workshops follow brain studies and current research on the brain and how mindfulness and work with embroidery, weaving, and the fiber arts may spark neuroplastic renovation in the brain function and structure that contribute positively to the wellbeing of individuals. 

According to research Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) affects 6.8 million adults, or 3.1% of the U.S. population and 25.1 of children between 13 and 18 years of age in any given year. Anxiety in general is the world’s biggest health problem with women being twice more likely to show signs of apprehension, motor tension, nervousness, irritability, with thoughts of impending danger and disaster that are hard to control. These intrusive and obsessive thoughts keep them worrying and causes emotional and physical problems that keep them from functioning socially and leading meaningful lives.