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Retra-Tablo is a project I developed in Oaxaca in 2013-2014 as part of an artist residency. It was an educational residency this time. I wanted to use my educational background and approach a community of kids during this summer and some how tide in the aesthetics of their cultural traditions to the project i was going to develop. I knew little about the town's history or  about the traditinal retablos they were rescuing by copying the old ones in the church's museum. I worked with a group of 25 kids ages 5 to 12 years old. I introduced to the kids the work of Chuck Close an American painter that works in segment pixels self portrait. we talked about color theory and i made them conscious about this idea of building up an images made of little images. The kids had to sketch 20 different design from the facade of the church, which i learned it was inspired by the town's lost hand embroider tradition.

Since one of my purposes is to make people conscious through my work about the old tradition of textile and women's history i decided i was going to contact one of the few ladies that still was embroidery. The kids started to add color to their RETRATABLOS, retratos + retablos.

Later the goal was to rescue as many kind of hand embroider stitching as it was possible and had local artisian embroiders reinterpret the kids work into textile.

RETABLOS. Unification Series

The principle of the unification of opposites, the nature of enlightenment; the potential for the new paradigm of spiritual awakening; the practical benefits of what we call processing, which is how we apply the principles to our daily lives; and inviting grace into our lives

RETRA-TABLOS. Museo Textil Oaxaca.

Interview with tv channel about Retra-Tablos

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