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 “Pioneros” is a kinetic sculpture that has a robotic mechanism with a sound loop.
The children in communist Cuba are called "Pioneros"; and have a uniform (not to be confused with American boy scouts, girl scouts, and cup scouts). The “Pioneros” swear every morning that they will grow up to be like Che Guevara. The sound loop in “Pioneros por el Comunismo” demands that children salute and respond “Seremos como el Che.” The work is typical of how children are brainwashed by repetition and memorization in dictatorships. The goal is to
believe in the hero of the regime.

Pioneros is a kinetic piece. These 6 sculptures have robotics mechanisms that at the command of a voice "Pioneros por el comunismo" they  react by putting their hands up to their forehead as a sing of salute and they respond " Seremos como el Che". Children in communist cuba grow up being "pioneros" and swear every morning they will grow up to be like Che Guevara. These piece resembles the sequel of learning, memorizing and often growing up believing in someone the regime idolizes. It is the consequence of brain washing kids and how that can create a wake in adults.​

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