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Daily Routine

I have been collecting memories from interacting with my grandparents. This series is very personal and it narrates my relationship with them as it makes me realized how weak, vulnerable, and dependable we are.


Street Art Intervention

During Art Basel 2009 I decided i wanted to intervene a public space with the images of elders. In this case i picked a building that was facing I-95 and contrasted the fast transitted highway with this 2 images, 22 ft tall. They created a dialogue with whoever was driving and ignoring them, booth were sitting there hopeless waiting for attention. It served as a metaphor for how society ignores the elders and also brought a conversation between graffity artist and them as they were patienly waiting for it to happen.

On the streets of Fez

While searching to understand the streets of Fez.

Installation and intervention of cats as a symbol of redemption.


Street photography in Fez, Morroco.

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