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Magical Thinking

Aurora Molina moves away from perceptions of high and low art forms and of the gender, sex, and race of people who make art in favor of handmade. Artists like Aurora Molina, El Anatsui, Sheila Hicks, Lia Cooke, Nick Cave, & Chiachio & Giannone are connected with their rich pasts working with fiber, as a transportive quality, not only because it engages with the ancient technology of cloth-making; but also allows causes the artist to be caught up in rhythmic movements. Her return to her old memories as well as her new memories gives her personal histories with artisans who were quilters, seamstresses, menders, knitters, and embroiderers: in her effort to reacquaint the viewer with these storytellers. She makes us remember that art is more than oil painting on canvas, or the sculpture you back into when looking at those oil paintings.

Bernice Steinbaum

8DC4FF50-EB44-47FD-ADE8-CFF3A9F61812 2.JPG
Bird of Prey, embroidery on tulle, 4ft x 2ft, 2021.jpeg
As the world falls apart around us, embroidery on vinyl. 7ft x 4ft, 2021.jpg
8DC4FF50-EB44-47FD-ADE8-CFF3A9F61812 2.JPG
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