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10 AM-Woven Destiny. 100 Ft x 15 ft. Installation. 2020.JPG

Recycle t-shirt yarn
9 ft x 4 ft
Installation extends 20 ft wide


The spider as a symbol of weaving and cosmogonic creation has been in the repertoire of almost every culture’s folk tales, oral and written history. From the Graeco-Latin myths to Guatemalan stories, Arachne is symbolized in the act of weaving. The act of weaving requires the maker to remain continuously attentive to their work just like the spider. The creature is endowed with the ability to create non-stop, spin, weave, knot and form a web of patience. The spider is more than a symbol of weaving, it is also a symbol of persistence. The same type of tenacity details the story of the women of the suffrage movement. They became adept in the act of weaving beliefs of justice for all, the struggle for the vote, and fighting for democracy and equal rights.
Molina’s new series undoubtedly uses the motif of Arachne as a representation of the women’s suffrage movement. A connection that is also rooted on native cultures who used weaving such as the Navajo, their dream catcher and a mix of New England folk rag rug weaving. Just like the rug hooking of the 1900s that used whatever materials were available, these pieces are assembled from repurposed t-shirt yarn. The yarn is recycled from the garment industry, a by-product of the industrialization of textiles.
With precision, skill and creativity, Molina brings this art to contemporary
standards. This installation is conceived from two disparate ideologies of “in
group our strength lies” and “self-reliance is transformative”.  Following Ralph Waldo Emerson’s views on  individualism as a profound and unshakeable trust in one’s own intuitions. Each individual orb references the maker’s alter egos and are woven from personal items; each piece carries a story and a DNA. All the orbs together form a new-found power of fresh strength, a newly empowered whole that brings on social change and individual enlightenment.
This installation based on women of the suffrage movement weaves a web of stories of self and community reliance. The girls with their hands on their hips, protesting and being non-conformist suggest the enlightened leaders of the suffrage movement.  A mob of women and girls embracing the challenge, with a message on hand and ready to fight. Social justice is proclaimed by this group of young women just like the suffragists 100 years ago.

10 AM-Woven Destiny. 60 x 40 In. 2021.jpg
IMG_0829 (1).JPG
IMG_0830 (1).JPG
10 AM-Woven Destiny. 34 x 65 in. 2021.jpg
10 AM-Woven Destiny. 30 x 46 in. 2021.jpg
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