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Miami is Sinking (Th)

Natural disasters have always been part of the artist’s repertoire from neo-romanticism to the dialect of  nature and modernity, to the point of great obsession with modernity and postmodern life where climate change in an orderly chaos is a word without dirt or a perfect world, at least that is what 96% of Floridians think when it comes to water sea level rise and the exponential development of areas that enjoy the front row in the water line, where mangrove use to protect us from the sea, creating a barricade, now the wall is pure concrete and is high in the horizon. Miami is (Th) Sinking deals the cards of the current situation and through the use of the silky beautiful thread attempts to make the audience understand that the sea that once was quite and calm is starting to gain its territory. The scenes are from with the area the is map in the backdrop, from downtown miami the epicenter of developing agencies to the inner city that is being pushed and gentrified. Miami beach is in the midst of fleeing all the birds and different species.

Climate-change images have never been able to convey our full planetary volatility till now. The four-punch sequence of recent hurricanes and earthquakes destroyed the lives of millions of people, obliterated their homes and raised doubts of reconstructing these geographies altogether. It is quickly becoming more difficult for global warming deniers to defend their position.
Yes, we have squandered opportunities, but we can avoid total disaster and execute a modest new beginning for our species. Artists are ahead-of-the-game when calling attention to important issues, Bernice Steinbaum Gallery’s Booth at Art Miami 2017, entitled, Fragile Ecologies II, is an altercation through video, sculpture, fiber, dioramas, paintings and furniture design.
Artist Included, Troy Abbott, Pavel Acosta, Carola Bravo, Chiachio & Giannone, Augusto Esquivel, Patrick Jacobs, Nick Gilmore, Enrique Gomez de Molina, Aurora Molina, Sophia Narrett, Carrie Sieh, and Deborah Simon.

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