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Artists Aurora Molina and Edison Peñafiel will create a collaborative two-person exhibition that is an immersive multi-disciplinary installation. The exhibition will take place at Fat Village in the growing Fort Lauderdale art district. Open for viewing to the public for three months from January to April 2020. The artists will run community engaging events like a panel discussion and interactive tours. The collaboration will focus on socio-political issues relevant to the artists' personal and collective experiences as migrants. Their work will encourage dialogue around internment and displacement, pressing matters in our current political climate and the upcoming Presidential election. The immersive installation will create a powerful empathetic inducing environment that will engage all the senses of the viewer. 

This exhibition seeks to open dialogue about immigration, its causes and effects, and our familiarity to it. I hope that it will be a safe space for sharing of personal and collective experiences and reflection about this theme. The work is not just to be seen, but to be lived. With this installation I will create an experience for the viewer with the hope that it becomes a learning opportunity.

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