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From Hawks to Doves


Auguries are keen samples of some of the prominence symbolism of the birds, the crow foretells the arrival of a guest or surrounds you as you embrace darkness. Birds are omens of luck in pagan religion and in alchemy they are mystical and are symbolic of magical endeavors. Humans have given a vast symbolism to birds from fleeting to transitory and this has remain in the human psyche and that’s maybe the main difference between birds and humans, because we are not ruled by our unconscious mind. In January of 1959, Fidel Castro commenced his regime with his first televised speech to the Cuban nation. While on the podium, a white dove landed on his shoulder, another perched upon his rostrum; both stayed there throughout his two-hour oration.In Cuban Santería, a religion derived from the Yorùbá people brought to Cuba as slaves, a white dove represents the divinity Obatalá, a divine king who molds humans from clay in heaven. While the international press regarded the spectacle as a freak accident involving "doves of peace," many Cubans read it as evidence of Castro's selection by supernatural forces.The spectacle of white doves in Castro's speech is one in a long history of examples in which Caribbean leaders publicly use symbols from local religions. that the speaker is popular and will maintain the status quo.  Geared to the local population by using icons from their religious practices. This spectacle and the given symbolism of the leader was privy to local secrets and make him seem has someone with esoteric power. A genius at myth-making, Castro relied on the human thirst for myths and heroes. His lies were beautiful, and so appealing. This moment in history has redeem him and has been a religious Symbolism in Cuban Political Performance. Just as Hugo Chavez supposedly appeared to President Maduro in a form of a bird determining pigeons’ pecking order to the future of Venezuela. When democrats become doves they visit Bernie Sanders on stage in Ohio and becomes viral twiter gold of fortune for the candidate, clear sign of Providence. A real bird of prey , a bald eagle, has been named bird of the year after attacking president elect Donal Trump in a photo shoot for Times Magazine, also endorsing him to make American Great again as it stands to be the national bird. Chavez had carried a parrot to voice clarity and affirmation of luck, truth and power of thought to the Venezuelan nation as a winged messenger the parrot served as a manifestation of propaganda and speed work to his dictatorial regime. Socially dominant individuals often make decisions for the whole group, and this individuals have endure  and adorned themselves with figurine feathers of blessings, emansipating   themselves as figureheads who serves at the pleasure of the political party. The analogy with politics can be pretty obvious. There are also leaders and followers in politics. If one observe a group of birds, they’ll notice that they are few leaders and a bunch of followers. In this series i attempt to pay attention to the pivotal moment of this leaders and shit on them as a dam bird will do, erasing any symbolism,  tattle telling from the Gods, or enchantment of magic  from the cosmos. They become as ordinary as birds in the jungle and there is not crafted idea or positive spin if they appeared as keen surveillance to these leaders. 

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