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Children of Immigration are forgotten

Children of immigration are  forgotten: is a series that portrait large scale soft sculptural puppets that aren’t just children’s toys but that speak through the voices of the children. As an artist i’m exploring the intersectionality of my identity as an immigrant to preserve the stories of those that represent a vulnerable part of Little Havana Community. I’m using puppets because they are objects with rare power, they are humorous and have the ability to give voice to the voiceless. Puppets are also being explored as a way to help  children to deal with trauma and their own personal stories.Puppets are a manifestation, a sign and a reflection of the historical, cultural and political situation of a society at any given time.In this particular project for En Residencia at Koubek, MDCC in collaboration with the Hispanic Branch Library i have worked with kids looking at their experiences as immigrants or children of immigrant parents in this community.Helping them to come up with questions, and answers. Puppets are an instrument for childhood education with a great pedagogical value.

This series attempts to pay attention to the most vulnerable in this community and though their stories challenged the social status quo to pay attention to the children and their stories, wether fictional or based on their life these puppets are going to  express an aspect of humanity’s infancy, a sort of archetype. Hence there is a great scope of imagination, morphing into reality and with an educational potential, in the widest sense of the term. This site specific installation is going to bring a series of larger than life puppets inspired by some of the kids drawings. They are going to represent a cultural landscape of Little Havana, using residues of clothing to show a blurred memory for those in the community im trying to represent where the personal becomes political and it creates a universal language that portraits the identity of those around this community, a sense of belonging, a sort of quilt of immigrants young and old.

Children Of Immigration are not Forgotte
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