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Exile, Rather than hoping for a wand-waving savior
The old woman’s face is the face of someone who is just plain tired and has lost all hope. Even her pink jacket can’t mitigate her hopelessness. The mother & the children-terrified.This new series intends to awaken the fragility of the human experienced. The representation of memory and the luggage we all carried is imply in the sad gestures of the face, the lack of vibrancy in the color palette and the repetition of the color red in the bags, almost as i heart palpitating the bags are full of those experiences or dreams. These figures hold as a remanence of an immigrant DNA human hair from real cases of immigrants collected in hair salons. The intersectionality, the crossroads of one's social and political identities are questionable, like a wonderers these people are moving. Although not geographically precisely, their experiences as immigrants are associated with a degraded place of origin.


Thread on raw canvas, Human Hair, Linen, Yute hardened textiles 2019
6ft x 5ft x 3ft

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