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Candidates and the President

This series of work incorporates the strategy of theater, a performance piece that mimics the surreal absurdity of automatonic politicians in a media-driven society.

“The Candidates and the President”  - a mocking representation of the 2016 presidential campaign - reveals the candidates as circus caricatures, each racing in bigtop circles driven by ego and ambition and fueled by the power of Super Pacs. Each marionette hangs haphazardly from strings just as each candidate hangs from the strings of special interests, movements chaotic and surprising to a flabbergasted electorate. All 11 of the marionette candidates plus the president are installed with a robotic mechanism that includes motion sensors that activate movement, unchoreographed and unscripted, movements similar to the cartoonish flip-flopping of our clowns as they bow and scrape before the crowds.  The marionettes perform in a theater box as did the outrageous Punch and Judy show in the American colonies when even George Washington bought tickets for the show. Punch was gleeful and self-satisfied as he systematically destroyed his enemies, not too unlike our own self-centered and ruthless candidates.

The faceless “Descarados” dressed like the candidates are like voodoo dolls designed to protect us from politicians. They are utilized as quasi political symbols, gift dolls for the voting public.

The “Punchinellos” are full of “passionate intensity” and no heads. They are the raucous crowds that cheer and clap and boo with delight and know not why. They are the puppets of populism and anarchy.

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