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In the seventies, feminist artist Miriam Schapiro challenged the distinction between high art and craft art. Historically craft art had been associated with “women’s work”. As of late, men too have been equally involved in this revolution. El Anatsui, Faig Ahmed, Gabri...

Woman Behind The Threads/ Group Show

Bossa Projects


Aurora Molina (Courtesy of the Bernice Steinbaum Gallery, Coconut Grove, FL)
Karla Caprali 
Marina Font ( Courtesy of the Dina Mitrani Gallery, Miami, FL)
Patricia Schnall...

April 28-June 4, 2017

As Pleasurable, Lush, Utilitarian, Subjects of Humanity, PLUSH is a tactile mindscape. Textiles are inherently connected to the domestic environment. In the U.S., fiber art has often been mislabeled as craft or “women’s work.” However, in many coun...

L’artista Aurora Molina the artist


Aurora Molina describes herself as a fabric artist. You saw her work all through the letter, now we are giving her a space to describe her work in detail, interviewed by guest writer Gabriela...

Franqueadas las puertas, es inevitable recordar al bueno de Jacques Tati y preguntarse cómo Roy Andersson aún no se inspiró para una de sus películas. En este supermercado del arte a todo vapor, una veterana parecida a Barbra se escabulle rauda entre las góndolas. Es B...

Lucky US? Political Art in this Election Year is the centerpiece of the Bakehouse Art Complex’s Annual Fundraiser event. The online auction will run for eleven days before the available works are offered by silent auction in the Audrey Love Gallery at the Bakehouse Art...

"Political Sideshow 2016: From “Bitch” to (Big) “Nuts” and Beyond, is an exhibition presenting election campaign paraphernalia and contemporary artworks examining the cur