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​​These anthropoidals coexist in a habitat devoid of any established human law and where the relationship between their different personalities makes them react intuitively. In this habitat there is symbolic representation of differently created stereotypes, representing social values present in human groupings. These are creatures that are funny, frightening, incongruous-looking, part human, part animal, and intentionally grotesque. The anthropomorphic aspect of the pieces is the animal that wants to become human. My use of stocking make them appear crude, more visceral, as if the skin had been removed to reveal what’s beneath, to expose the rawness of tissue and blood. Indeed, it is the grotesque nature of these pieces that is meant to invite deeper explorations into the true nature of the character, a repulsiveness that seduce the spectator to reexamine his or her own psychological vulnerabilities.

A Critique of Established Attitudes Toward Aging and Beauty.


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